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Decades of experience in the field of aviation

We focus on our customers' needs and will do whatever it takes to provide quality all the way. We have been in the aviation industry for decades and know the air charter market very well. Our aim is to do our best to make each and every flight and service as smooth and professional as possible.

Ásgeir Örn Þorsteinsson

Ásgeir Örn Þorsteinsson has worked at Eagle Air, in the field of charter flights, air ambulances, scheduled flights and the travel industry, since 2004. He decided to take the famous “U-turn”, in the same business area though, and make some changes.

Ásgeir was the sales and marketing manager as well as taking care of daily operations, human resources, and worked closely with the CEO over the years. In 2023 he officially took over as CEO.

Ásgeir cultivated professional connections both in Iceland and internationally throughout his time in the aviation industry, his expertise and network align extremely well with the company's operations. His extensive experience in aviation makes him a suitable leader for the organisation.

Photo of Ásgeir Örn Þorsteinsson

Einar Hermannsson

Einar Hermannsson has been in the aviation, marketing and advertising industry for a long time. He worked at Icelandair for 15 years, mainly in the domestic department as sales and marketing manager, revenue management department, fleet department as well as station manager at Reykjavik airport.

After his time at Icelandair he moved to the advertising and marketing business and worked as managing director of AFA JCDecaux in Iceland for 20 years.

Now back in aviation Einar was working as sales and marketing manager at Eagle Air until he founded his own company Air Broker Iceland to make the most of his skills and experience offering a specialised air charter service.

Photo of Einar Hermannsson
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